Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pool deck burning your kid's feet?
Houston summers get really hot and a pool is the perfect place to cool off. The biggest problem is the deck gets really hot, too. Your guests burn their feet before they get a chance to make it into the pool.

You have options.

Kids will splash water onto the deck, and that works for a bit. A more permanent option is a sprayed on deck coating. Spray-on textured coatings reduce the heat on your deck by around 30% over plain concrete.

This is a very noticable difference. Most commercial pools have a deck coating applied to the concrete to reduce slips and keep they kid's feet from burning.

Besides making your deck more comfortable, the coatings look great. You can coat over pea-gravel, old kool deck, or plain concrete.

This year, cool off your deck before the season heats up!

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