Friday, February 13, 2009

Cleaning your pool deck or driveway
Cleaning your pool deck or driveway isn't difficult if you have a spray deck type coating on it. A garden hose and a pool brush is all you need for general cleaning.

For gum, tree sap and other sticky substances, Goof Off works great.

For tire marks, TSP (available at some paint and hardware stores), Nature's Orange or Simple Green work well.

Most spray coatings are mildew resistant, but for shady areas, you might need to wash the areas with a bit of chlorinated water. A bit of pool chlorine or Clorox can be mixed with water and used to wash the affected areas.

For really dirty pool decks, patios or driveways, a light acid wash will clean just about everything else off your deck and brighten up the color. Efflorescence, that can make the coating look white, is easily removed with the acid wash and dirt is bubbled away. Remember to be extremely careful with acid. Add the acid to the water, and don't let the solution dry on your coating. Rinse with lots of clean water to neutralize.

Pressure washing your deck coating is possible, but most people have too strong of a pressure washer. This is best left to a professional.

Remember...Never use paint thinner or paint removers; they will damage your deck!

If you need more detailed instructions, or want someone to acid wash or pressure wash your deck, patio or driveway, give us a call at 281-241-1816!

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